I'm from Detroit. I graduated from Clark High School and than Michigan State with my BA in political science . I'm a die heart entrepreneur, I love all aspect of the fashion industry as well a new real estate obsession.

I started on the other side of the industry styling models for shoots and special events and I would always get approached by photographers, agents and so on about me modeling. One day I finally agreed to shoot and it's been a wrap every since. From run way, catalog to print I love all aspects of modeling. My favorite designer is Chanel and Roberto Cavalli  both designers pieces are so timeless and represent so much of my style I just love them.  I also love Forbes.com they really keep my mind focused on where I'm trying to be and what it takes. My fashion Mantra is Simple you can be fly on a dime. I grew up dirt broke so I had to work with what we had and let me tell you I would and can still stay fly on a dime. You can add a few pieces of Chanel to your target outfit and boom your fabulous. I'm very versatile I'm like a diva gypsy my style cant be explained or put in a category.

I go harder for myself than anybody so of course I'm rocking clothes I provide on my website and I'll just add a few of my favorite pieces to my outfit. I have been booked to walk in a few fashion shows,  all kinds of print work and I've always been open minded so it's been great in a short time.  I really can't chose a favorite that's hard I love so many of them but alcole did a domination shoot with me that was dope.  Like all jobs modeling has its pros and cons. I enjoy the art of modeling when a team really creates magic through pictures it really is fun to be apart of.  Whether condition can really kick your butt in a shoot so that's my only real discomfort.  Every shoot is different but having a bad ass glam team is always imperative and just necessary and I never eat before shooting. Working with Jay was fun he works pretty fast and has so great ideas. What makes a stylish men or women is truly based on personal style for me originality has become vintage so I respect anyone being true to what they like. My favorite part of my body is my face weird huh lol. Biggest Turn Off bad hygiene Turn On: Genuine people



Mulan Kush