Where are you from? Washington DC


 Where do/did you go to high school/college? T.Roosevelt SHS


 What's your background in modeling? It started through adult modeling


In what way, film or print?


what other  outlets have you been featured in?


 When and why did you get started? About a year ago, i had the oppurtunity , and Ive always loved being in front of the camera


 Was it for the glamor? If u mean glamor as in materialistic wise no.. If u mean it making a way to provide for my family of course


Who are some of your favorite models and designers, and why? Tyra banks Shes done it all and has always stayed positive.. Keyshia Dior she goes outside the norm...


 What's your fashion mantra? sleek and sexy


How would you describe your style? girl next door meets the sexy vixen


Where do you generally shop? outlets


 What other modeling projects have you done? A few bondage style


 Out of all of the photos the photographer took of you, which is your favorite and why? The one with me in a milk bath..it captures everything and has alot of variety in one photo


Do you have any other experience in the fashion industry (writing, photography, marketing, etc.)? I like to write


What is fun and rewarding about modeling?  Taking photos is the fun part and also meeting new people and doing new projects... The reward of being able to take care of those around u


What do you dislike about modeling? the rude people that are self centered


 What advice do you have for aspiring models? Just be yourself and know when to bite your tongue... And don't do anything that u don't feel comfy doing!.!.


How do you prepare for a modeling shoot? Alot of rest and water


How would you describe working with the photographer? its fun also alot of good chemistry


 What makes a stylish lady or man? Someone whose confident


 How would you describe the photographer's style? sexy and laid back


What's your favorite part of your body? Face


What turns you off? Disloyalty


What turns you on? Loyalty control






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